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The Recorded History of Roger Waters

VIDEO recordings

2005 2006 2007



2005. 11. 17.
Sala Santa Cecilia, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy
Audience cam
"Ça Ira - La Première" (An "In Floyd We Trust" Production IFWT DVD-005) - a bit dark and distant, with a few skips here and there; incomplete - Act 3 Scenes 2-5 are not available


2005. 11. 26.
Roger Waters On The Jools Holland show
  • 320x240 RealMedia (.rmvb) file, 9.41MB - bad picture & sound, but complete, 5 min. version
  • "Q&A - Volume 1" (BREATHE-DVD-009, PAL) - superior picture & sound quality, but heavily edited, only 1 min. long




2006. 02. 27.
Paris Grand Prix Press Conference, Automobile Club De France
  • "Q&A - Volume 2" (BREATHE-DVD-010, PAL) - This source has the best picture and sound quality, but it is heavily edited and very incomplete, approx. 8 min.
  • "Szabi's Roger Waters DVD Collection" - Approx. 24 min. (probably complete?), but worse quality, sourced from .wmv file at 104 kbps.


2006. 03. 03.
Roger Waters interview by Camille Crosnier, Automobile Club De France
"Q&A - Volume 2" (BREATHE-DVD-010, PAL)


2006. 05. 09.
Roger Waters interview in Warsaw
"Q&A - Volume 1" (BREATHE-DVD-009, PAL)


2006. 06. 08.
Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide, Berlin, Germany
Audience cam
"You Yes You" (Relics Records RR023) - very bad picture and sound quality, avoid it!


2006. 06. 10.
Arrow Rock Festival, Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands
Audience cam
Multi cam
"Fire Ring The Arrow" - complete show; NTSC double DVD (KKDvD0042); 3-cam mix; video from "Will The Real Singer Please Stand Up" and "Caught By The Arrow"; audio mainly from "A Bright Moon At Arrow Rock" and a few times from "That!"; a pleasant view apart from a few bad audio edits and a few slightly annoying slow-motions/repeated video sequences/video effects trying to fix problems of the original video recording; 4:3 video aspect, the picture is often cropped/zoomed-in as compared to the original sources; picture quality slightly worse than the original sources, especially when zoomed-in
Single cam
  • "Will The Real Singer Please Stand Up" - complete show
  • "Caught By The Arrow" (Bunzing DVD BNZ009) - incomplete, 37 min. from 2 sources (one of them is widescreen)


2006. 06. 22.
Neve-Shalom (Oasis of Peace), Israel
slide show
Slideshow made from audience photos; soundtrack from FM broadcast; approx. 7min.; available on "Szabi's Roger Waters DVD Collection"


2006. 06. 23.
ITV News Feature in Israel including Roger Waters interview and live footage
Best version:
"Q&A - Volume 2" (BREATHE-DVD-010, PAL)
  Other versions I've seen:
  • 4 MB .wmv file @ 162 kbps
  • Freeview - DVD Recorder; Recorded by Keith Jordan


2006. 06. 29.
Marquee Showground, Cork, Ireland
Audience cam "Tripped Out In Cork" - 2 camera mix


2006. 07. 11.
Roger Waters interview, Radio Nostalgie
"Q&A - Volume 2" (BREATHE-DVD-010, PAL)


2006. 08. 25.
Ça Ira in Poznañ, Poland - TVP1 TV feature including Roger Waters and other interviews
Best version:
"Q&A - Volume 3" (BREATHE-DVD-015, PAL)


2006. 12. xx.
South American TV commercial of the 2007 Roger Waters Tour
Best version:
"Q&A - Volume 3" (BREATHE-DVD-015, PAL)




2007. 03. 10.
Press Conference, The Sheraton Hotel, Lima, Peru
Best version:
"We've Got Roger In The Andes"


2007. 03. 18.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pro shot
Best version:
Untitled - 2-disc PAL DVD
Other versions I've seen:
DVDRip by Jenizaro (2 .avi files, 698 & 699 MB)


2007. 04. 14.
Papp László Sportaréna, Budapest, Hungary
Best version:
"The Dark Side Of The Moon Live In Budapest" (Video by V, DVD by Se7en; with original soundtrack & DD3.0 remastered audio track)


2007. 05. 05.
Gelredome, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Audience cam
Best version:
Untitled - 2-disc PAL DVD (4.33 and 2.17GB), no menu, sometimes referred to as "by 'kristalletje'", slightly incomplete (song transitions are sometimes missing, 'Leaving Beirut' not available)
Other versions I've seen:
"Liberated By Roger" DVD by dorenberg - Video: from "kristalletje" DVD, same picture quality, re-encoded with CCE 9 passes. Audio: mix of "kristalletje" source and "Liberated by Roger" roio. Audio quality is worse than the original "kristalletje" DVD (better bass, but annoying distorsion on high frequencies and the 2 sources are not always in perfect sync). Missing parts of the original DVD were completed with photos and repeated video-segments (sometimes out-of-place).


2007. 07. 07.
Live Earth, Giants Stadium, New Jersey, USA
Pro shot
Best version:
  • "Saved The Planet" - KKDvD0056; 16:9 version, but the picture is cropped; complete version with long intro and outro; no logo except "New York" in top right corner during end of 'In The Flesh' & beginning of 'Money'; audio of intro and "bullshit" in 'Money' are patched-in from alternate source
  • "Live Earth" (WMV) - 6 .wmv files downloaded from (Video: 424 x 240 16:9 - 595kbps, Audio: 1213kbps, 16-bits 44kHz, stereo); 16:9 version with larger picture (wider and higher than KKDvD0056), but picture quality is worse; with "msn" and "Live Earth" logo in bottom right corner; uncensored 'Money'; also includes press conference (.wmv) and "Artisan News" special (.avi) which has segments from the press conference